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Hi. I'm Abe Safa and my team and I are here for one purpose and that is to help you with your business. My mission is to help small businesses with big dreams. I bring over 25 years of retail experience and know how and apply it to your business. In today’s fast paced retail world time is a scarcity. Don’t waste any more of it. Let’s work on transforming your business and your life today. Call or email me right now to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see how I can help you.

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We provide specific advisory services that suit your business needs. Read more

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Why choose Abe?

  • I have 25+ years of retail experience
  • My core purpose is to make your business succeed
  • I will guide you through the cycles and hurdles of retail

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Give your employees a higher purpose than making sales and creating profit. Have a vision, share it, act it and live it. Once they follow, the sales will come.